Project 4: Conference
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Imagine it’s the start of your conference. The house is packed. They are ready. Registered. Name tag on. Swag bag in their lap.

The house lights come down. It’s happening. The audience looks up on the stage...

what do they see?

Create a conference opener and system of bumper motion graphics. Use the identity tool kit you are creating in type class. Make it move. Come alive. The opener sets the stage for the event, the bumpers provides visual transitions as speakers come on and off stage.

Work in 1920x1080 pixels dimensions for the opening and bumpers.

1. Make a digital storyboard for Thursday (
11/29) and choose/edit/make your sound. Be ready to play it in class.

Demo: (

Workspace Layout and Workflow: app, comp, footage, frame
Setting up a Comp > Editing a Comp: Size, Color etc.
Aspect Ratios (behance) and Screen Resolutions
Frame Rate
Shape Tool
Text Tool
Timeline > Layers > Trimming
Playback and Work Area
Importing Files > Sound > Illustrator and Photoshop
Importing as a Composition
Using the waveform
Dropping Markers
Motion and Keyframes
Manipulating a Layers Scale, Opacity,etc.
Continuously Rasterize
Easy Ease and The Graph Editor
Convert to Shape
Trim Paths
Basic 3D

Lawrence Public Library-Lynda

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