Selected Presentations:

MAY 2020 — Humanities in the Wild
I was invited to give a presentation of my creative work for the “Humanities in the Wild” lecture series. Humanities in the Wild is a series of events, coinciding with Lawrence Kansas Final Fridays, designed to showcase the connections between humanities research and the great outdoors. From the politics of climate change to the history of conservation, from the culture of recreation to narratives of adventure, Humanities in the Wild presents ways in which the humanities provide unique insights into our relationship with nature. 

NOVEMBER 2019 — Design for Good: Public Engagement & Collaboration Through Making Presented at the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (A2RU) National Conference on how design faculty can use civic engagement to amplify studio learning

APRIL 2016 — Wondering Waysides: Applying Design Thinking & Making Methods to the Wayside Experience NAI (National Association on Interpretation) International Conference, Wellington, NZ

MAY 2015 — Time and Sound: A Conceptual Grid For Motion Design{MODE} Motion Design Summit, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

MAY 2014 — Thinking and Making: The First Year Design Experience UCDA Design Education Conference, Madison, WI

JULY 2011 — Healthy Graphic Design and a New Touch to Cancer Screening 2011 European Design for Health Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England

FEBRUARY 2011 — Graphic Design in the Middle: Designing a Collaborative Tool for Discovering, Documenting and Sharing Local Graphic Design History Design Principles and Practices 5th International Conference, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy