tenkara — the book  6”x9”, 216 Pages.
With over 50 original diagrams and illustrations.

I designed and illustrated tenkara–the book, written by Daniel Galhardo, who introduced tenkara, the japanese style of fly fishing to the U.S. and disrupted the fly fishing industry.

This book is a complete guide to the techniques, gear, history and philosophy of tenkara, the Japanese method of fly-fishing. It is also a manifesto on fly fishing simplicity.

Throughout the book the design, diagrams and illustrations bring the reader along Daniel’s journey of learning tenkara directly from the masters in Japan. I created a unique Photo/Illustration strategy to give context as we communicated information on the method’s equipment and techniques. 

Designed to be interactive, thoroughout the book readers will find QR (quick read) codes that will give access to the videos, podcast episodes and other complementary information to the chapters at hand. 

Rocky Mountain National Park,
United States Department of the Interior
Wayside Design, Information Graphic Design

On-going research exploring graphic and information design opportunities to facilitate engagement and learning about the natural world of Rocky Mountain National Park. Working with interpretative rangers and RMNP staff, I’ve gained hands-on experience designing interpretative experiences to teach the meaning and relevance of heritage resources, both cultural and natural to national park audiences.

This project provides myself with a context to test contemporary information design principles & practices; work in/with the park ranger community
to explore design thinking and creativity; and the opportunity to create case studies of best information design practices to share with the interpretation community, the graphic design profession as well
as my design students. 

Argentine Food Access Initiative 
Brand Identity, Strategy and Participatory Design

Collaboration with doctors in the Dept. of Preventive Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center on a healthy food campaign in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. Working with staff and community partners we designed the brand identity of the project, infographics and promotional materials for participatory events.

The intent is engage Argentine neighbors to co-design strategies for access to healthier food since a their only grocery store closed.

Brand Identity Design
Tenkara USA, Boulder Colorado

Working with the founder of Tenkara to express this simple japanese style of fly fishing to outdoor and fishing market.

Since 2014 I have worked with Daniel Galhardo, the founder of Tenkara USA, to express this simple japanese style of fly fishing to the outdoor and fishing market. As a designer-in-residence of sorts I am responsible for the design, creation and management of the brand identity, as well as visual storytelling about the history, philosophy of tenkara, it origins and its practice today.

National Park Typeface

Working with Rocky Mountain Park rangers, my students, and colleague Andrea Herstowski we created a new typeface designed to mimic the National Park Service signs that are carved using a router bit. Using rubbings from park signage and data from the RMNP’s sign shop we brought this iconic type into the digital realm in the form of an open source shareable (for the first time) computer typeface.

Visit the website and download the typeface at

Visit the website and download the typeface at

A complete family with four weights (thin, regular, bold and outline) the typeface has been getting some intial press and has been downloaded from all over the world and in every state in the US.