Dental Mercury Information Graphics
International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology

The argument surrounding the safety of “silver” dental fillings, which contain roughly 50% elemental mercury, has always centered on the potential adverse health effects from long term use. But the one aspect that both the FDA and ADA refuse to acknowledge is the centerpiece of this large-scale infographic...That huge toxic exposures during routine dental procedures violate safety regulations and don’t just affect those with mercury fillings but all of us, including the environment.

This work engages the community and health humanities through it’s message, but also in its installation. It employs an long flowchart or timeline of sorts and tells a often unheard story with facts and figures. It’s installation is inventive in it’s use of space/scale to create a reflective moment for a otherwise didactic narrative. This piece is a collaboration between a filmmaker, several dental scientists that supports the documentary film, You Put What In My Mouth?