New Semester New Challenges Amid the Pandemic
We know this isn’t our ideal way to hold studio but we plan to make the most out of it! We believe in you all and know you will work hard, stay focused, stay positive, and make great work. Here are some reminders:

Required for Entry into Buildings
The CVKey app asks questions regarding your current state of health and your travel history.

You will be required to complete the health assessment each day you plan to be on campus. If your answers meet the required health status, the app will generate a QR code for you to scan at building entrances.

If your answers indicate a possible risk for COVID-19 infection, the app will direct you to contact a health care provider. If you choose not to use the CVKey app, you will be required to print off and complete a paper health assessment form each day and carry it with you while on campus.

Masks/Face Coverings
To protect all of us, everyone must wear a mask in the classroom as required by the Protect KU Pledge and by University policy. Violations of the mask policy in classrooms are treated as academic misconduct. If you come to class without a mask, I will ask you to put one on. If you do not put on a mask when asked, you will have to leave class. Violations will be reported, and consequences will follow, up to and including suspension from the course.

Extended Illness
In the event that a student is facing an extended illness, that student or someone they designate should email and with the email subject “Extended Illness”. The university and Zac will then notify each of the student’s instructors. Students will need to follow up with each of their instructors once they’ve recovered to discuss their missed work and identify possible next steps.

Zoom Etiquette

In studio classes please have your video on and your audio muted. If you have a reason why you can’t turn on your video for a studio please discuss it with your professor before class starts.

You may want to use ear buds or a headset to hear better and block out any noise that maybe happening in your background

Feel free to ask questions by turning on your audio, raising your and or post a question in the chat. If the professor misses any questions in the chat feel free to remind them to check or ask the questions by turning on the audio.

Be careful with using the private chat during class you could mistakenly send a message to the entire group so do not post unkind things in the chat. We can be critical of work but do not make it personal.

Treat a zoom online class as you would an in person class. Be on-time. Be prepared. Be dressed. Be aware of your background and lighting. Many will have to zoom out of the bedroom so try and make a space that is conducive to working and learning.

Lectures will be recorded. If you don’t see the recording light on feel free to remind the professor to record.